Frequently Asked Questions on Pictaplan ® 

What is a visual schedule/ visual planning system?

A visual planning system demonstrates the sequence of the events in a day in visual/ picture format. Presented with a visual schedule, a child is able to understand the planned programme for the day at a glance; even if he or she is unable to read. Being able to mentally process and anticipate what is planned for the day enables children to transition more smoothly from one activity to the next.

As the planning system is visual and accessible to the children all day, it provides a point of reference that the child can return to at any time for orientation. This helps to build consistency and routine into daily family life, which in turn helps children to manage their tasks & responsibilities more confidently and independently.

What makes Pictaplan ®  different to other planning systems?

Planning can be a headache! Our goal at Pictaplan ®  is to bring something lovely into this key area of home life. One of our goals, at the heart of the creation of Pictaplan ® , was the desire to craft a planning tool marked by beauty, joy, peace and excellence

Beauty; conveyed through the lovely hand drawn illustrations of Devon artist Joan Prowse

  • Joy - through a measure of humour in the images depicted on the cards
  • Peace - through the simplicity and flexibility of the system’s application
  • Excellence - in our product quality and service

Moving away from the standard clip-art format so common today, we are delighted to offer you a unique selection of arty and appealing picture cards, that will not only be exceptionally useful, but will also be a beautiful and pleasurable addition to your home.

Who is Pictaplan ®  for?

Pictaplan ®  was initially created by a home educator for home educating families. Hence our broad selection of picture cards depicting educational subjects and activities. However, it soon became clear that this family type was just one of many user groups for whom Pictaplan ®  would be beneficial. We have therefore developed our ‘Daily Routine’ card packs with the addition of activity cards such as ‘Pre-School’, ‘School’ and ‘Homework’, making them applicable to families whose children are in school. We continue to grow and develop our system in order to best meet the needs of our user groups.

Pictaplan ®  is for busy families managing busy lives! It is also for anyone that finds pleasure and blessing through it as a planning aid, or just as something lovely to have on your fridge door!

How are the Pictaplan ®  cards organised?

Our Pictaplan ®  activity cards are organised into sets according to their nature ie. Daily Routine, Jobs & Chores and Education. These can be supplemented with our further Add-On Packs. View the Pictaplan ®  packs currently available to see which images you get included in each pack.

How do I use Pictaplan ® ?

As our Pictaplan ®  Cards are magnetic, you will first need a non-fronted fridge door (in a prominent and accessible position) or a magnet board.

  • Refer to the categories section and choose which card packs are suitable to your family’s requirements, ie. Daily Routine, Jobs & Chores, Education or a combination of these.
  • Write your children’s names on the blank Pictaplan ®  cards
  • Write your children’s names on the blank Pictaplan ®  cards
  • Place the Pictaplan ®  cards that are appropriate to your day in their planned sequence on the fridge or magnet board, either vertically or horizontally. Check our user guides and gallery for examples.
  • For the more structured family routine use our clock face cards to indicate the time of day that you plan events to take place. For a less structured approach, simply use our ‘Morning’, ‘Afternoon’, ‘Evening’ cards as general time markers.

As we do not know your family size, age range, routine, learning or teaching style, we do not advise you on exactly how or where to place your Pictaplan ®  activity cards! Your planning board will be unique, reflecting your own personal family’s lifestyle and routine. You will discover from our user guides that even one day’s routine can be demonstrated in several ways, according to your own inspiration, creativity and preferences!

Read our user guide for examples of how the Pictaplan ®  system can be used and to view helpful tips on board arrangement.

Pictaplan ®  is an exceptionally flexible and adaptable system that can be used in different ways to suit both the very structured and the less structured family home. The Pictaplan ®  planner boards of the structured and less structured family will, however look very different.

What if I need different or more of certain pictures?

We are aware that every family is unique in its routines and activities, and as such will have unique requirements in their preferred selection of Pictaplan ®  Activity Cards. To address this we have created an Add-On pack of 10 blank, coloured magnet cards, on which you can write (or draw) your own family-specific activities. Use a dry-wipe (white board) marker pen for less permanent activities or a permanent marker pen for those that will be regular events in your family.

In addition to this please email us with your ideas and requests for card illustrations. If we receive enough requests and/or feel that your image request would be advantageous to Pictaplan ®  users and the system as a whole, you may find a card corresponding to your suggestion in one of our future packs! In the meantime, utilize our colourful blank cards!

Why use Pictaplan ® ?

Use Pictaplan

  • to make planning your day an easier and more pleasurable task
  • to enable even young children to have an overview of what to expect in the day ahead, giving them the opportunity to process and anticipate forthcoming events and expectations
  • to enable children to make smoother transitions from one activity to the next
  • to enable children to manage their responsibilities and tasks more independently
  • to provide structure and family routines
  • to help reduce negative reactions and resistance to change in child behaviour
  • to increase a child’s sense of security and confidence as he goes about his daily life
  • to create a simple and easy to use chore chart for the whole family

Or use Pictaplan ® 

  • because you love to see the delight on your children’s faces when they get up in the morning and delight in what’s planned for the day
  • because you love the arty pictures
  • because you have wasted too much paper drawing up countless timetables
  • because the fixed timetable method makes you feel cramped, or is not flexible enough for your family’s character or lifestyle
  • because you want to add something lovely to your home

Who benefits from Pictaplan ® ?

The people that benefit from using Pictaplan ®  are first of all:

  • You, the planner
  • Your family
  • Your children
  • The user group, whoever you might be!

However beyond this, we also want to generate funds for charity. Having worked closely with young adults with learning disabilities, Joan has chosen to partner with local charity Rainbow Living.

For every Pictaplan set sold a percentage of profits will go to Rainbow Living to support the lives of those who find organising their day more difficult.